Turn Your Users into Happy Paying Customers

You never thought things were going to get murkier after launch.

You thought the real learning would start once your product gets in the hands of customers. You thought customers would tell you exactly what you needed to do to build a great product.

But after you launched, lots of (often little) things started to go wrong.

Things that kept your customers from experiencing your product at it’s best. When customers ran into issues, they didn’t turn into testers. They left. And never came back.
Those that stuck around started bombarding you with new feature requests. But which one’s do you build – those from your most vocal customers or those that are most popular?

Metrics were supposed to be the answer, but they only tell you what’s going wrong – not why or how to fix it.

As a result, you keep cranking out more features in search of that mythical killer feature. You know, the one that’s supposed to make your product take off? Pretty quickly, your minimum viable product is turning into a bloated monster and you are no closer to that hockey-stick curve.

Fast forwarding to today…

You are now drowning in a sea of numbers, juggling a boatload of feature requests, and running out of time.

You have signed up to every possible analytics product and are even building your own homegrown dashboard on the side.

Yet you can’t answer these basic questions:

  • With every new release, are you making your product better or worse?
  • Do you know why your customers are getting stuck?
  • Do you know how to get them unstuck?

We know exactly how you feel.

That’s how we felt too. We’ve built SaaS products for almost a decade. Like you, we’ve cut our teeth on almost every analytics product out there. Instead of helping, they created more work and more distractions that kept us from focusing on what really mattered.

You don’t need more numbers but a tool that helps you learn from your customers.

All the problems above are learning problems.

All the existing solutions are aimed at addressing optimization problems. They help you with things like improving conversions on your landing page so you get more sign-ups, but leave you hanging after that.

How do you turn those users into happy paying customers?

That’s the one problem we most wanted to solve.

Meet USERcycle.

Not more numbers but actionable customer insights.

Who’s behind this?

Spark59 Team

  • Ash Maurya Author, Running Lean
  • Emiliano Villarreal Lean Practitioner
  • Lukas Fittl Lean Practitioner
  • Steve Odom Lean Practitioner
    • Advisors

      • Eric Ries Author, The Lean Startup
      • Jason Cohen Founder, WP Engine
      • Joshua Baer CEO, OtherInbox

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